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With the Hanki pool you can enjoy the bliss of cold water anywhere, anytime

Hanki is compact yet spacious

Avantopool Hanki is the newest addition to the Avantopool cold pool family. Hanki is compact yet slightly larger than the Kinos pool. The pool can easily fit three people standing, and one person can fully submerge in various positions.

Hanki fits anywhere

Hanki is easy to move and easy to use. It’s a particularly easy-to-move cold recovery and cold therapy pool with an external refrigeration system. Hanki is easy to place almost anywhere and doesn’t require any special care other than regular water change. The external refrigeration system is easy to use and the hoses can be quickly attached with quick connectors.

Hanki is the choice of both professionals and fitness enthusiasts

Hanki offers professional cold recovery and therapy in a pool that’s easy to move according to your needs. The stable pool gives easy access to controlled and pleasant cold baths. The accurate refrigerant unit cools water at about 5 °C per hour and maintains your desired water temperature, which can be adjusted down to +4 °C.

Hanki is clean and energy efficient

The Hanki pool is insulated and energy efficient, and the optional insulated cover further reduces energy consumption. The Hanki pool’s water is continuously circulated when the cooling unit is switched on and in operation. We recommend changing the water in the pool every 1–3 days, depending on the amount of use. When you use pool chlorine, the same water can be recycled for up to 7–14 days.


Delivery options

  1. Just the pool with a plug.
  2. Refrigeration system only, including hoses and quick connectors.
  3. The pool and the refrigeration system, including hoses and quick connectors

Avantopool Hanki-pool – Specifications

Dimensions, pool:
Length 1,200 mm (1,454 mm with step), width 790 mm, height 1,000 mm
Dimensions, step:
Length 439 mm, width 471 mm, height 450 mm
Polyethylene plastic, 2-layer polyurethane insulation

Black granite
Full 450 l / in normal operation 350–380 l
Weight when empty:
Pool 39 kg, step 9 kg

Weight when filled:
400–450 kg
Pipe connections:
Quick connectors or plug-in.

Avantopool Hanki Refrigeration Unit – Technical Specifications

Length 74 cm, width 37 cm, height without wheels 49 cm, with wheels 54 cm


42 kg

+4 °C – +40 °C

Water filtration:
External filter cartridge (accessory)

Cooling /heating electrical power:
1.0 kW

Cooling /heating speed:
8°C per hour


Digital control unit:

Water temperature, target water temperature, clock, on/off timer.

Required power supply:

230V~ 50/60Hz, single-phase, equipped with a residual current device (RCD) in the supply cord.

4 wheels for easy transport

Noise level:
51 dB(A)

IPX4, suitable for outdoor use.

Pool 3 years and refrigeration system 2 years.

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