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The Kinos pool is the biggest revolution ever in cold recovery


Kinos is one of a kind

Avantopool Kinos is the first mobile cold pool on the market able to deliver high-quality cold recovery and cold-water treatments in your own home. Its compact size makes it easy to transport and install almost anywhere. And with its sturdy adjustable legs, the pool can easily be adjusted to the floor slope in wet spaces.

Kinos is always ready

Kinos is ready whenever you are – just choose whether you want to cool down in cold water or relax in a warm bath. The wide temperature range of +4°C to +38°C delivers all the benefits of both hot and cold water. The water in the pool cools or warms to the desired temperature at rate 4–5 °C per hour.

Kinos is PURE water

The Kinos pool’s water filtration and automatic continuous ozone purification ensure that the water is always clean. And the pools energy efficiency keeps operating costs down and is good for the environment. The pool’s highly effective insulation makes sure that maintaining a constant water temperature is cost effective.

Kinos is made for the user

The Kinos pool has been designed with a focus on design, ergonomics and suitability. The stairs and railings can be installed either on the sides or the end of the pool.

Kinos is Finnish and built to last

Finland is known as a hub of world-class engineering and design, and Avantopool is designed and developed in Finland with our highly-skilled local partners. It is assembled entirely in Finland. And the pool’s modular components are built to last.

Kinos can be modified based on the user

Kinos can be modified to fit into your interior. The removable side panels, corner pieces, and pool cover are all customizable in addition to the standard choice of colors. You can personalize your pool with your sports club or company logo and colors, a breathtaking landscape view, or with a color scheme that suits your decor.

Standard colors

The standard colors of the pool panels are black, white or dark gray. The standard colors of the stairs are black, white or gray.

Avantopool Kinos-pool – Specifications

Dimensions without steps:
Length 1,200 mm, width 790 mm, height 1,050 mm

Dimensions with steps:
Length 1,200/1,540 mm, width 790/1,130 mm, height 1,220 mm

300 l

Weight when filled:
450 kg

Weight when empty:
147 kg, with railings and steps

Temperature range:
Adjustable between +4°C and +38°C

Cooling power:
0.7 kW

Heating power:
1.5 kW

Average power consumption:
Approximately 5 kWh/day once the pool has reached the target temperature.


Digital control with touch screen, equipped with a temperature-sensitive cold therapy timer.

Water filtration and continuous ozone purification.

Required power supply:
230V~ 50/60Hz, single-phase. Equipped with a residual current device (RCD) in the supply cord.

Noise level:
54 dB (A)

Frame, acrylic basin and side panels: 3 years.

Mechanical and automation components: 1 year.


The thermal lid, steps and railings are included in the standard package.

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