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What do athletes, active people and rheumatic patients have in common? Cold is good for them all.


Today, cold recovery is a given in professional sports. The benefits of cold in an athlete’s recovery process have been known for a long time: after training or competing, the body recovers faster when exposed to cold, and cold therapy also reduces delayed muscle pain after a workout.

Effective training takes effective recovery, and the more competitive the pace, the more important recovery becomes. Recovery impacts whether or not an athlete is ready to give their best in the next game and perform at optimal levels.

Effective recovery leads to better performance. In competitive, high-level sports, where athletes are under massive pressure to perform, gaining a competitive advantage in recovery is key. Growing attention is being paid to other areas recovery than rest and sleep. Cold recovery is definitely one of them.

Avantopool cold pools are used by professional sports clubs and top athletes across Europe. In Finland, our cold pools are used, for example, by the majority of Finnish Elite League teams and by Henri Kontinen, one of world’s best tennis doubles players.

Avantopool Kinos cold pool helps with recovery

”The intense pace of the game makes the adrenaline flow, and it takes time for your body to calm down after a game. Using the Avantopool cold pool has relaxed my muscles and helped me relax mentally. It’s easier to sleep on game nights.”

– Lennart Petrell, HIFK


Avantopool Kinos

”Avantopool Kinos is the first cold recovery pool that displays the precise temperature of the water, which you can adjust to your liking. It is also clearly more hygienic than the pools you see at many tournament venues.”

– Henri Kontinen, tennis professional


Amateur athletes and fitness enthusiasts

Cold recovery brings professional-level benefits to ordinary fitness and sports enthusiasts – cold restores, relieves pain, and makes you feel good and energetic.

The problem with home use has always been the lack of a cold pool that’s suitable and affordable enough for ordinary bathrooms. When our Avantopool cold pools entered the market, that changed for good. We’re thrilled to be able to bring the benefits of cold to active people looking to enjoy the same benefits of cold as the world’s top athletes.

Cold recovery pools are also the perfect addition to well-equipped gyms and sports centers. A gym that invests in cold recovery stands out by offering members the best ways to recover after a workout and a cool new way to boost general wellbeing.


Cold recovery is particularly well-suited and used by pros and amateurs in the following sports:

  • Ice hockey, soccer, basketball, volleyball, floorball, football, tennis and other racquet sports.
  • Skiing, cycling, sprint and endurance running, swimming, triathlon, throwing and jumping sports.
  • CrossFit, gymnastics, martial arts.

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Why is cold good for you?

  • Cold speeds up recovery
  • Cold relieves pains
  • Cold refreshes and revives
  • Cold lowers stress
  • Cold improves sleep quality
  • Cold improves resistance
  • Cold activates brown fat
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