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Health and well-being


Avantopool cold pools were first developed to allow ice swimmers to enjoy the health benefits and good feeling of ice swimming at home – all year round. Not even Finland’s natural waters are cold enough, or unfortunately clean enough, for cold-water swimming year-round.

Cold pools are ideal for anyone with no limiting medical conditions looking to increase their health, energy and mood. You don’t have to be a die-hard athlete to enjoy the benefits of a cold pool. Who wouldn’t want better recovery, plus better sleep, better resistance and also less stress and less aches?

Dips in the cold pool help boost mental and physical well-being, along with physical activity, a healthy diet, and rest.

Wellbeing at work

The positive effects of cold therapy have also been seen in our fast-paced and fast-changing work life. A growing number of employers are buying cold pools for their staff, because they know that a company made up of people who are healthier, more energetic and less stressed is also good for business.

Providing advanced wellbeing services is also a great way to stand out as an employer, attract the best employees, and build your employer brand.

Cold recovery is particularly useful in fields where physically demanding work or physical training resembles professional sports, like fire and rescue, police, military and the ballet. Fire and rescue services can also use the cold pool to pre-cool before missions or training.

Physical therapy

Various cold treatments have long been used in physiotherapy to treat both acute and prolonged injuries and ailments. The main indication is the first treatment of acute musculoskeletal injuries. Cold therapy reduces tissue damage, limits swelling, and reduces muscle compartment pressure and blood congestion in injured areas. Cold therapy has even been shown to effectively lower pain after surgery.

Our technically advanced Avantopool cold pools have become an increasingly popular treatment method in physiotherapy, used in conjunction with more traditional cold remedies. They can be found in a growing number of physical therapy facilities in Finland and Europe.

Weight management

In addition to white fat, we also have what’s called brown fat in our bodies. Unlike white adipose tissue, brown adipose tissue is able to produce heat and consume energy instead of storing it. Studies have found that cold exposure is the most effective way to activate brown fat.

Cold exposure is especially useful when weight loss happens close to normal weight. Studies show that the activating effect of cold exposure on brown fat is significantly higher for people who are average weight than for people who are overweight, which means that the cold pool is a great tool in maintaining normal weight, along with other healthy life choices and exercise.

Avantopool cold pools, especially Kinos, are an excellent support for weight management at home. When used regularly, our cold pools help the body produce and activate more brown fat cells.

Why is cold good for you?

  • Cold speeds up recovery
  • Cold relieves pains
  • Cold refreshes and revives
  • Cold lowers stress
  • Cold improves sleep quality
  • Cold improves resistance
  • Cold activates brown fat
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